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Robert Peters

Robert O. Peters is writer/dp/director and founder of Whitestone Pictures, mother company to Whitestone Filmworks an award winning film company Located in Suwanee, Ga. For more than 20 years  he’s haunted the globe with his fellow filmmakers to make dozens of films, television shows, music videos and television commercials. Robert lives in Snellville, Georgia with his beautiful wife and two sons. In 2014, it was reported that the comedy film, 30 Days in Atlanta, directed by Robert Peters, was the highest-grossing film

Deborah Peters is a Gospel Singer, Graphic Designer, Author, Architect & Movie Producer. She works with her husband Robert Peters, facilitating set and production requirements and assisting the filmmaking process as needed. Deborah has worked on feature length films including 'A Trip to Jamaica', '30 Days in Atlanta', 'When One Door Closes', 'Hell's Fury' and 'Adora' just to name a few. She prides herself in supporting her husband in creating an excellent award-winning film experience and a respected Film-house brand.

Victoria James
Executive Producer / Business Analyst

Atlanta based Business Analyst, Victoria James attended the North American university and graduated with BSC in mass communication 2013. She is an Executive Producer and Business Analyst for Whitestone Filmworks. Victoria has always had a passion for entertainment and business.

Teddy Albert
Cinematographer Filmmaker

Teddy Albert is an independent Cinematographer and Filmmaker born in Paris. He began his professional career in the camera department in 1999. In 2005, he graduated from the International Institution of Image and Sound (France).  He has been working as Cinematographer and Camera Operator for 20 years. He has worked on many television projects, short films, feature films, commercial films, music videos. He made documentaries for Television. Today he works in USA and Caribbean islands, but also in many other

Cleon Muller
Production Assistant

Cleon Muller has been part of the Whitestone Filmworks for over 10 years.  He is a driven production assistant with experience supporting the film production crew. He is a valued and competent behind the scenes member, ensuring production events are executed smoothly and efficiently. He manages technical tasks, from running errands to distributing scripts and assisting with lighting and sound for studio and on-location shoots.  

Shola Adeaga
Editor/ Colorist

I am Olusola Adeaga, I am an economics graduate, got a certificate in digital video production and another one in communication. I am a filmmaker, post production specialist, editor and colorist with more than 25 years experience.